Friday, July 29, 2011

Butcher Baby

Coming Soon, New Zine From Weird Luke!

Comes with a free CD!
Track List:
1. Case Of Emergency/Germ Attak
2. Horror Business/The Misfits
3. The Burning Churches/Crazy Spirit
4. Ludlow/ Blackout Shoppers
5. Wash Away/T.S.O.L.
6. I Believe In Anarchy/ The Exploited
7. Dirty Shoes/ Dipers
8. Underworld/Dwarves
9. Brain Dead Baby/Ed Gein's Car
10. Rise Above/Black Flag
11. Living Dead/The Plasmatics
12. Green Hell/The Misfits
13. Bars and Brick/Ed Gein's Car
14. Slugfest on Channel 11/ WorldWarIX
15. Alternative/The Exploited
16. Cain Novacaine/Dwarves
17. Butcher Baby/The Plasmatics
18. I Don't Want To Be A Homosexual/Sloppy Seconds
19. A4 Devil's Daughter/Crazy Spirit
20. Punk's Not Dead/The Exploited
21. Carbuncle/Blackout Shoppers
22. Killing Children/Baba Yaga/Crazy Spirit
23. John Wayne Was A Nazi/ MDC
24. I Don't Wanna Hear It/Minor Threat
25. Fuck Around/ Dwarves
26. I turned Into A Martin/ The Misfits
27. SO FUCKED UP/Sloppy Seconds
28. Code Blue/T.S.O.L.
29. Where Eagles Dare/TheMisfits
30. Destroy I/Dawn Of Humans


Just how I like my Chard

Sunday, July 24, 2011


#Staycation  by Making Deals Zine
#Staycation , a photo by Making Deals Zine on Flickr.

I need to get out of here.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Get Mine.

OVERCONSUME "At the Movies" NYC Graffiti Drawing, 2011

New "At the Movies" illustration by Overconsumer depicts a collage of New York City graffiti, street stickers, and precisely hand drawn lettering. One-of-a-kind drawing from one of New York's most prolific artists.

SURER 4th Of July.

SURER 4th Of July. by Making Deals Zine
SURER 4th Of July., a photo by Making Deals Zine on Flickr.

Had you on my mind homie.
Support our troops.

4th Of July.

Untitled by Making Deals Zine
Untitled, a photo by Making Deals Zine on Flickr.