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Making Deals Zine Studio Visit with Sucklord

MakingDealsZine is proud to premiere the first of what we hope to be of many studio visit interviews with artist and people we find interesting.

There's no better way to kick this off than a visit to the Sucklair to interview an incredibly hard working artist, the SUCKLORD of SUCKADELIC.

In our frank Q&A with our favorite toymaker we find out what's new since our last interview with him in 2008. Turns out he's been busy producing even more handmade bootleg toys and becoming a surprise television star on Bravo TV's "Work of Art."

After landing the cover of the Village Voice, we talk to the Sucklord about his budding fame and what's next on the Sucklord's quest to conquer the world.

Making Deals Zine Studio Visit with Sucklord from Making Deals Zine on Vimeo.

The Shining (1980)

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Apocalypse Now (1979)

Charlie Don't Surf

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Wifey Status

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Making Deals is looking for a programmer/developer.

Holla if you can recommend someone.

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NYC by Making Deals Zine
NYC, a photo by Making Deals Zine on Flickr.


NYC by Making Deals Zine
NYC, a photo by Making Deals Zine on Flickr.


NYC by Making Deals Zine
NYC, a photo by Making Deals Zine on Flickr.

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Nights in White Satin

Here's a list of some of the new contributors so far:

under destruction
El Mike D

A pretty eclectic list of heavy hitters and uniquely voiced individuals, really looking forward to working with these people.

"When you love someone, you've gotta trust them. You've got to give them the key to everything that's yours." -Ace Rothstein

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Making Deals: Now Looking for Contributors.

You'll probably be noticing a whole buncha new faces on the MDZ. tumblr soon:
Making Deals Zine is now looking for contributors, writers, photographers, or people just looking for a place to voice themselves, if you are interested please get at me:

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Sept. 11, 2011. Ten Years Later.

Ten years ago 2,977 people lost their lives because of a senseless act of violence over misguided personal beliefs.
Since then thousand of more people have been killed because of the war.
Stay Strong NEW YORK.
We need peace.

Sept. 11, 2011. Ten Years Later.

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SURE Tribute Rollin'

Kent, Washington.

i am motivated by loss.. and i tend to live in the past.
that’s all the explanation you need.

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China Town Boss.

China Town Boss. by Making Deals Zine
China Town Boss., a photo by Making Deals Zine on Flickr.

That's right, I run this shit. Now move on.
Chinatown, NYC.

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Aftershocks hit NYC.

Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake Hits Virginia, Sends Shockwaves Throughout East Coast.

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King Hamburger Eyes

We owe a lot of our inspirational love of photography and zines to them.

Operation Madman by Read More Books.

Now for sale in The Making Deal$ Store:
To quote Operation:Madman: ' "READ MORE BOOKS" is a message that we support. However here at Operation:Madman we do not condone any type of illegal activity whatsoever. If it is against the law it is wrong. Plain and simple.'

" indulgent packet of philosophical paradoxes, brutal truths, and graphically pleasing arrangements of lettering.
-R. Thisrael

186 full color pages with hardbound black leather cover and gilded edging. Published in 2010. Measures 4 1/4 x 5 1/2. Hand Numbered Edition of 2000.

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NYC.  by Making Deals Zine
NYC. , a photo by Making Deals Zine on Flickr.

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Thank You.

Thank You. by Making Deals Zine
Thank You., a photo by Making Deals Zine on Flickr.

Making Deals will be transitioning out of street sticker sales. Thank you to everyone who made purchases with us.  It was fun to edit, collect, and share stickers with you. We have much more planned on the merchandising and ecommerce tip and in order to fulfill our plans we are going to discontinue selling stickers.  That’s the bad news, but here’s the good news…

For the next two weeks, we will be having special sticker promotions including contests with free sticker giveaways.  Our last day for these promotions (and of selling stickers on our site) will be August 31st. 
Order now while supplies last and follow MD on Twitter:!/MakingDealsZine Facebook: and Flickr for up to minute info on our contests for free stickers!

Once again thank you to everyone who made purchases over the last couple of years. We will do what we can to still keep you up to date with dope artwork from these underground artists.

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Had to do it, ☮ to the people of London, more power to you.

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Jedi Mind Tricks x Carl Tjader

To this day one of my all time favorite Hip-Hop albums, the Cal Tjader sample is Phenomenal.

Cal Tjader Version:

Jedi Mind Tricks Version:

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Butcher Baby

Coming Soon, New Zine From Weird Luke!

Comes with a free CD!
Track List:
1. Case Of Emergency/Germ Attak
2. Horror Business/The Misfits
3. The Burning Churches/Crazy Spirit
4. Ludlow/ Blackout Shoppers
5. Wash Away/T.S.O.L.
6. I Believe In Anarchy/ The Exploited
7. Dirty Shoes/ Dipers
8. Underworld/Dwarves
9. Brain Dead Baby/Ed Gein's Car
10. Rise Above/Black Flag
11. Living Dead/The Plasmatics
12. Green Hell/The Misfits
13. Bars and Brick/Ed Gein's Car
14. Slugfest on Channel 11/ WorldWarIX
15. Alternative/The Exploited
16. Cain Novacaine/Dwarves
17. Butcher Baby/The Plasmatics
18. I Don't Want To Be A Homosexual/Sloppy Seconds
19. A4 Devil's Daughter/Crazy Spirit
20. Punk's Not Dead/The Exploited
21. Carbuncle/Blackout Shoppers
22. Killing Children/Baba Yaga/Crazy Spirit
23. John Wayne Was A Nazi/ MDC
24. I Don't Wanna Hear It/Minor Threat
25. Fuck Around/ Dwarves
26. I turned Into A Martin/ The Misfits
27. SO FUCKED UP/Sloppy Seconds
28. Code Blue/T.S.O.L.
29. Where Eagles Dare/TheMisfits
30. Destroy I/Dawn Of Humans


Just how I like my Chard

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#Staycation  by Making Deals Zine
#Staycation , a photo by Making Deals Zine on Flickr.

I need to get out of here.

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I Get Mine.

OVERCONSUME "At the Movies" NYC Graffiti Drawing, 2011

New "At the Movies" illustration by Overconsumer depicts a collage of New York City graffiti, street stickers, and precisely hand drawn lettering. One-of-a-kind drawing from one of New York's most prolific artists.

SURER 4th Of July.

SURER 4th Of July. by Making Deals Zine
SURER 4th Of July., a photo by Making Deals Zine on Flickr.

Had you on my mind homie.
Support our troops.

4th Of July.

Untitled by Making Deals Zine
Untitled, a photo by Making Deals Zine on Flickr.

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Untitled by Making Deals Zine
Untitled, a photo by Making Deals Zine on Flickr.

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Idiot Moron Sweepstakes Zine #2

Available at the Making Deals Store
Pocket-sized zine from Houston-based artist ACK. Compilation of original artwork and photography from ACK and friends including:

Dave Misled
Lisa Marie Godfrey
Mr. Afternoon
Sketch 3030
and more

Black and white pages with hand-stenciled cardstock cover. Edition of 300.

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‎2 Years of straight up bloggin my life away.
It’s been one month now of posting on WIDTYH, EAT ME YUM VOL.2 Read my blog post about it.

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Philadelphia. Septa Blue line.

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Astro Zombies!

Astro Zombies! by Making Deals Zine
Astro Zombies!, a photo by Making Deals Zine on Flickr.

New ASTRO ZOMBIE resin figure cast from an original sculpted piece. by sculptor Luke Gibbons-Reich of
Gowanus, Brooklyn. Coming Soon to the Making Deals Store!
Warped Mind Creations.

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Brooklyn. Memorial Day. Surer Lives.

Today is the time to remember the young men and women who gave their lives for their country.
Rest In Peace SURER.

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